In case you didn’t already know that the energy from others can or will affect you…
You’re science minded and think it’s all who-hah…
Once again…”science” has “figured out” what us… Umm..”experiencers of alternative realms” have known for years.
Mario Savinon

Science Finally Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others ~~

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  1. sandyfl100 says:

    This share was via Gail Hoehn and here is another ~~ Quote begin: ” I found this extremely interesting and learned some things I sure didn’t know.
    Maybe I’ve had my head in a hole and this is common knowledge.
    Did you know this stuff??? ” I watched it and replied ” THANK YOU Bless I have some research to do and add to this 1986! Those S.O.B.’s 😦 ❤ ~ ❤ "

  2. sandyfl100 says:

    Also, Jill Stein was arrested for being present for the 2012 debates and handcuffed to a chair for 6 hours. This election she was escorted off the debate campus by police and her rally participants were arrested. The two parties sure don’t support democracy in the USA! a partial quote from the original post ” . . . . the League of Women Voters walked away from moderating presidential debates after the 1988 election, the organization said that the CPD perpetuated “a fraud on the American people.” So, more on the Commission Presidential Debates :

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