We all need clean water to keep our families alive for our future generations , as do ALL living beings.

1:05 pm EST and I am sharing this post of 18 hours ago, in more than one place, in the hopes that someone will take a stand and turn to someone who has the legal authority to stop these injustices. The Pipeline Protest at Standing Rock, North Dakota – Surely with 468 shares, mine being #469 and sending my request for Divine Intervention, when Creator makes it’s decision, so be it. In Gratitude, NAMASTE’~~ ❤ ~ ❤ ~~

Joye Braun is a Water Protector in North Dakota:
" You water protector! What are you going to do, Pray? …. That's what I heard today from a rancher in North Dakota as he tried to drive his truck into us, jumping out of his vehicle cussing at us then trying to push us off the road and into a tractor that had been placed in the middle of a gravel county road.. the tractor then tried to run over the car I was in.. we were told to go down that road by police and I have no doubt the officers were hoping we would do something crazy or mouth off to these farmers, but we didn't. Yes I am going to pray for you rancher and farmer.. you need clean water to keep your family farm alive for your future generations just like all living beings need clean water to survive. Last I heard it was illegal to try and run a car off the road much less run over it with a tractor.. we never left our vehicle and quite frankly had no intention of going your way until that cop directed us into what looked like a trap…the farmer rancher dude stopped another cop lied to that officer and said we tresspassed on his property.. I never left the car and we stayed on public county roads at all times. So he lied to the officer.. the officer let us go n the farmer rancher dude followed to Mandan. That's intimidation, using a vehicle as a weapon, conspiracy and terroristic threats.. if we had done any of those things we would be facing all kinds of charges and be sitting in jail.. but because Morton County Sheriff's office has declared war on peaceful water protectors they have adopted a double standard.. we are not the aggressors.. why did I even go out to drive? Every citizen has a right to drive down a county road. We didn't stop at any DAPL sites we didn't harrass anyone.. we saw sites.. but we didn't stop.. what I did see was armoured vehicles and police with roadblocks on county roads protecting DAPL… What we saw was a armed police state protecting the interests of corporate greed.. We were just documenting the police state and heightened unjustified fear.. on public roads… So yeah i will pray for you.. and hopefully someday your prejudice will be put away and the realization that we all need water to live will come to you… Oh n I'm ok…so remember always drive with someone, keep your cool, have your ID, and some farmer rancher dudes in ND think it's illegal to pray…lol… Or drove on a public road… Oh n the police think so too… "

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