Everybody MUST Get Stoned ~~

Okay I searched U Tube, and on page 15 or 16 and came across this one, I am only 2+ minutes in, but I can’t wait to hear what else he has to say ! 🙂 Warm laughter, in a friendly way and BTW, you may have surmised I do not HAVE to do a F~~king thing today Published on Sep 5, 2012

Detailing extensive experiments by an Israeli scientist who discovered thousands of “cannabis receptors” in the brain, Sadhguru explains that the human system itself is capable of producing such chemicals on its own. Activating the pineal gland, he says, is a fundamental part of yogic practices, through which one can be “stoned” by his own nature — without side effects.

Sadhguru Talks @ Sathsang


Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/g…

A certain scientist in United States was working on the impact of cannabis on human con . . . . . ”
Many of us have used natural plants to arrive at a state of Peace, if only for a short time, I will include a few examples.
I see myself in her, I was reared by a Mother who was 6 feet tall and topped 300 pounds ~~ though I was a teenager in the 50’s, and the eldest child, I did NOT experience the 60’s as my younger siblings did ~~~
while looking for, and still looking for a version of ” Everybody Must Get Stoned” that a very enlightened virtual FB Brother, in Cyberspace, shared, I came across this and if you have some time at about 4 minutes in she tells a Dentist joke, in Gratitude, 😉 ” EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED~AMAZING GRACE ”

Oh My God ! Published on Aug 20, 2015
Wojo brings in brownies laced with hash. Then the fun really starts.
” Barney Miller Season 3 Episode 11 Hash ”

Who has EVER heard of these people? Published on Apr 23, 2015
” Aeroplane – Lets Get Slow feat. Benjamin Diamond ”
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I like.

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✖ Picture © Овчинников Сергей

About page 25 now, and here is Robin Williams and next is George Carlin ” Robin Williams – Live At The Met – Alcohol/Marijuana ”
Uploaded on Oct 24, 2006

Robin Williams performing the alcohol/marijuana section of his famous Live At The Met stand-up routine. If you liked this, check out the other part of the routine at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpGtgZ…

Oh WoW ! Now this one really warms my Released July 16, 1974
Recorded November 30, 1973 — April 7, 1974 Arrow Ranch, Woodside, California; Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood Neil Young — guitar, vocal Ben Keith — slide guitar Ralph Molina — drums Billy Talbot -Bass

I hear some people been talkin’ me down
Bring up my name, pass it ’round
They don’t mention the happy times
They do their thing, I’ll do mine
Ooh, baby, that’s hard to change
I can’t tell them how to feel
Some get stoned, some get strange
Sooner or later, it all gets real
Walk on, walk on
Walk on, walk on
I remember the good old days
Stayed up all night gettin’ crazed
Then the money was not so good
But we still did the best we could
Ooh, baby, that’s hard to change
I can’t tell them how to feel
Some get stoned, some get strange
Sooner or later, it all gets real
Walk on, walk on
Walk on, walk on
Walk on, walk on ”

And lastly, AN Opinion ~~~ ” Can You Overdose on Marijuana? Nope. ”
” When we hear about the dangers of drugs, the biggest concern in regards to use is the threat of overdose. And, of course, for certain drugs this concern is quite valid: per the Center for Disease Control, 13,000 people died from heroin overdoses in 2015 and 91 people continue to die each day from opioid overdoses (of both illegal drugs and prescription drugs).

Yet cannabis is a different ballgame. Whether or not someone can die from smoking or ingesting too much pot has occasionally been painted as controversial when, in fact, it isn’t.

Overdose – What it Means

The term “overdose” has different meanings for different people.
Sometimes . . .”

In conclusion, my disbelief of our current situation brought on my desire to just get stoned ~~ in the attitude of Gratitude NAMASTE’

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