Die Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit für Kaffeemaschinen

Source: Die Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit für Kaffeemaschinen

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2 Responses to Die Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit für Kaffeemaschinen

  1. Laminator says:

    Translation of the article : QUOTE BEGIN NISKA HAPPY, May 19, 2017. I do not know how this story began, but a coffee machine has landed on the moon. A pick from a prestigious science magazine. What all is possible in this wonderful world !
    “The technological development has been very fast, the networking speed of coffee machines currently connected to the Internet is now thousand times more efficient than three years ago, and the counting capacity of the kettles exceeds many times the computer capacity required for moon travel in 1969. ‘Houston – we have a problem’ . There are no wind mills in the moon, and ecological power generation is problematic . “Next step is, scientists are developing a hydrogen coffee maker to get there faster, even farther and more cheaply.” END QUOTE

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