We Have The Power

Uploaded on May 26, 2017
I missed the Unity Day of Hunger,  please see the video to have some understanding   Titled,  ”  We Have The Power  ”

People have more power than we realise to transform and change even global challenges like World Hunger. Learn more at http://wehavethepowerto.com/

Here are the inspiring stories of Alan from Malawi and Rubina from Bangladesh who are doing exactly that.

An UPLIFT film made in association with The Hunger Project  ,

My Daily OM Horoscope explained why I “was”  feeling kinda low and so I decided to drive to the Beach.  Once there,  I felt a strong urge to go to the house Bill and I purchased in 1976.  Today is Memorial Day to honor Military Service members,  a day created by a group of Black Service members a very long time ago.  I decided that I would simply park in front and meditate.  But, then decided , I would let the homeowner know why I came.  A young woman had the hood of her dually pick-up truck open and so,  I approached her.  introduced myself, I explained to her what I was doing there,  and in Gratitude to the Universe,  she and I chatted for an hour or more.

   She is one of the daughters of the owner,  who bought the house from me around 1993.  Her Mother’s husband had died and her Mother wants to stay right where she is   She just turned 70 and just had back surgery.  The house needs a lot of work and so, her children are pitching in to get it back into shape.  I gave her my cell phone number, should her Mother wish to visit with me.  I talked to her a lot about my life since I sold them the house and she talked a lot about their lives since they moved into the house and she also updated me on the neighbors;  that I knew~ most of them are no longer there, several have moved up to better places,  some have died.

   It was just what I needed to honor, not only, Bill,  but our children and, strangely, myself  Please enjoy this and every day.  ❤ ~ ❤

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