Just how much money is owed to the First Nation Peoples, for their Stolen Land?

So much interference in what the ancient cultures KNOW is FALSE, FAKE information.  This is from 2013 and still has NOT been resolved and I attempt to understand what IS behind the conflicts of the PEOPLE !   So, I will begin with a comment of a man I have met, spent some time with and respect.
Payu Vane More news:
All of the people we talked to on Pine Ridge were open and welcoming. They, too, are concerned by this incredible negative barrage of press, but they’re still open and welcoming.
For those of you telling others to Boycott–Barry and others: Have you talked directly with any Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Cheyenne, or Arapaho or are you advocating for them because of the internet? We on the land are in constant dialogue with the First Nations people here. We have tocalas here to make sure we’re not doing anything in a bad way (cultural appropriation, etc.), have been asked to stay by many, and are meeting respectfully with war chiefs (that just happened today). How many verifiable First Nations people have you boycotters actually talked to? Do you realize how much Duiane Martin (Chanupa) and his followers are actively lying about what’s going on? That (according to a friend of mine–I haven’t had time to peruse FB) many new FB accounts (those with few friends) have suddenly turned up on Rainbow pages claiming to be first nations? Are you aware that there’s a CONCERTED campaign to malign the gathering that you’re now full-heartedly participating in? If you really cared, wouldn’t you come and listen to what’s being said by the people themselves?
I say again to all strong-hearted, respectful family–this gathering is happening. It’s wanted–not by paper indians (who actually said “No!” to us), but by traditionals and many others. There are many concerns, but we’re working through them with full hearts.
That being said, here’s rumor control:
1. Regardless of fake videos, COPS WERE NEVER CALLED ON CHANUPA (Duane Martin)
2. “Fuck the treaty council” was not said by anyone
3. No one is blocking any gate and no one has seen any “activists” that are supposed to be shutting us down. (Though thanks to this rumor we have a ton of LEO’s sitting at both gates trying to “protect” us. That’s actually the worst thing I’ve seen at the site.)
4. There is a rumor going around that “paper indians have told us we could stay. This is false. The council members who the scouts met with last Monday were tribal council members (i.e. “paper indians”) and they told us we could NOT stay.
Still to this day no traditional leader has said we should not be here. Many have said it’s not a problem. Some have said it’s a good thing. That’s how it stands.
All is peaceful on the land.
If you were thinking of coming and have a desire to create alliances with our native brothers and sisters, then come home! Some of these traditional tocala (warrior society) brothers are putting themselves on the line for us to be here. I, for one, stand behind them until we have word from a traditional elder, the treaty council, etc. that we should leave. (At that point the tocalas will leave too).  “

Sandra Irene Seide Rodgers ” 6 – Be on the look out for infiltraitors and provocateurs, they will come from many different agencies and organizations, infact they will already be among us from the first meetings. Infiltraitors will try to cause division amongst the group, provocateurs will try to lead the group into activities which will give the police power to remove the camp and start arresting people. Don’t be afraid of these guys they are also the 99%. These guys write a report which goes right up the command chain so make sure they are reporting something positive. This all works to change the conversation all the way up the command tree. In Trafalgar square we had the police remove a guy who we knew was a provocateur and was causing trouble lol. Some of the infiltraitors will have hidden cameras, use that, speak to them about why you are there, speak from the heart. Somewhere, big wigs in the police and government may later watch that video. Its all about winning hearts and minds, one at a time. ”
Best Way to Occupy from source
How to make a successful Occupation.

Hello all. Here are some helpful suggestions on how to make a successful occupation.


First a little about where I get these suggestions from.  I was part of a group who after the 26th March 1 million protest in London occupied Hyde Park for 4 days and after eviction occupied Trafalgar Square every Saturday/Sunday for 2…

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