My Spiritual Quest/Journey

My connection to the First Americans of South Dakota, comes through Sunka Kangi one of the leaders of the Ghost Dance movement :A song,  Published on Dec 30, 2012  Robbie Robertson Ghost Dance live in Agrigento!

Concerto della Concordia live in Agrigento Febbraio 94, con Rita e Priscilla Coolidge,Laura Satterfield e Red Road Ensemble.
I feel it truly began after my Husband Bill’s death in 1991. He was only 50 and I , 49. For the first time, in my life I was on my own.  We married young  and so I moved from my parent’s home to sharing a home with my Husband.  My children and other family members had been and continue to be extremely supportive of me.  I am now 75 and I am so very grateful.  My Mother and her family members denied we had ANY Native or First American DNA and yet, my Spirit/Soul has ALWAYS felt a connection.  They settled in the San Fernando Valley, Ca.  Her maiden name was , Robinson.  My Father was of German descent , born in Chicago, Ill. with ancestors immigrating from East Germany. His last name was Seide.

I started my Quest by following my Heart and began traveling to Pow-Wows, Florida, Georgia and California, with my Sister.   And then,  one day, while at my Sister’s,  in Southern California, we went to the Ocean and  in my frustration, I began pacing in a circle { Friendship/Circle dance style}which is like  ,  I began screaming at my Creator/God, that is It even knew I existed or It even cared, to give me a sign.  And that is when I met  Sunka Kangi~Crow Dog ~~ He appeared in a cloud formation, along with a Road runner.  He was so clearly formed,  that later, I easily recognized him in a picture postcard.  I must add that I believe Crow Dog has appeared to hundreds of thousands of people, for a period of time, stores who sold Native American items, had Road Runner Earrings, rings,necklaces and the like, O’Han.  My sister saw him, as well, which is unusual,  as the Spirits do not usually remain visible for another to see.  And because, my Sister, has a sense of humor, she told me, and I believed her, that saw him as the Pillsbury Dough Boy with a skinny rubber Chicken.      Later,  I met an artist at a Native American Fair at Balboa Park, in San Diego, in front of the Museum of Man  ~  I recognized Crow Dog in his drawing~ which I purchased from him. I asked the artist who he was and the artist said, well,  who do YOU think he is ?  I explained that I called him two feathers & how I knew him.   Later,  I came across this postcard with his photograph and an explanation of who he was.  He had died in the early 1900s .  The person I bought the postcard from when I asked him about the photo~ said, I know, but you will learn when you are ready.  He said do not spend a lot of money on books, etc, it will not help you.  Oh course, I bought a book,  “The Sacred ”
Most of what I know about Crow Dog is from “Crow Dog – Four generations of Sioux Medicine Men” by Leonard Crow Dog & Richard Erdoes, Harper&Collins, 1995, a book I highly recommend:   which Leonard Crow Dog,  autographed for me, when I met him and his lady and a few others, just before returning to Florida.  I did not expect people to guide me to meet him,  after I made my decision to return to Florida, after my three years in South Dakota.   He accepted two gifts, one was the original artist drawing I had purchased after Sunka Kangi~ Crow Dog appeared in the clouds

This quote is via wikipedia article,  ”  “White officials … dismissed the killing as the culmination of a quarrel over a woman, but Spotted Tail’s friends said that it was the result of a plot to break the power of the chiefs.. ”
But, in his book “Crow Dog – Four generations of Sioux Medicine Men”  Leonard Crow Dog explains Sunka Kangi,  did kill Spotted Tail, because of the affair his wife had with Spotted Tail

And then, back in Florida,  there was a connection made with a woman at the Native American Fair, held at Metropolitan Park, in Jacksonville, Fl and so . . . . we ended up becoming friends and that is another whole story, where she led me to Dr Rick Knight.  Dr. Knight’s son and my son were close friends throughout High School, a long with two other “Geeks” and it took Dr. Rick and I a very long time to understand that when his son, Kevin spoke of Paul and vice-versa it was our sons.  Rick and John did the pow-wow circuit and had met Leonard Peltier’s daughter, and even gifted her some gas money.  Rick also told me that the Lakota had been meeting annually since , 1996, the first gathering near the Yankton Reservation with others  Karleen and I met Ed MaGaa , an author at the Crazy horse Monument

I watched this documentary ” Published on Oct 7, 2015

” In this film, Native American Tribal Leaders speak out for the first time about their secret knowledge of The Star People, knowledge that has been passed down for thousands of years. It was revealed in a dream among Tribal Elders that now was the time for the Tribes to break their silence and share their hidden knowledge of The Star People: the visitors from other worlds. In this film you will meet people with first-hand experience with ETs, and hear amazing stories of the unknown, and witness for yourself, a mysterious event which occurred in the skies: for some, a visible sign from the Star People that we are not alone. ”
Ed McGaa is one of the Tribal Elders that speaks up.
ET ORIGINS – SECRETS OF THE STAR PEOPLE – The Movie – Tribal Elders Speak Out – 2016 Best ET Movie

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