” Rayne Perrywinkle: ‘I just wish Cherish was here to see it’ “

April is Sexual Abuse Awareness month, but the decision to give this person the death penalty was made just this morning
In Gratitude, Sandra Irene  ~ 
”  Rayne Perrywinkle: ‘I just wish Cherish was here to see it’

Mother of girl killed by Donald Smith says she’ll fight for children

By Steve Patrick – News4Jax digital managing editor, Jim Piggott – Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The mother of 8-year-old CherishPerrywinkle was concerned Wednesday morning when Judge Mallory Cooper first sentenced Donald Smith to life in prison for kidnapping and rape. When Cooper announced Smith would be put to death for murder, Rayne Perrywinkle burst into tears.

“It’s overwhelming. I never thought this day would come. Now it’s here and I’m stumped for words. I just wish Cherish was here to see it,” Perrywinkle said.

Cherish was kidanpped from her mother at a Northside Walmart store in June 2013, raped and strangled.

Earlier this year Smith was convicted of kidnapping, raping and killing Cherish, and a jury unanimously recommended he be sentenced to death.

After reviewing the recommendation, it took only moments for Cooper to announced Smith’s sentence.

After gathering her thoughts outside the courtroom,Perrywinkle said she was going on a mission to protect children from people like Smith.

Cherish Perrywinkle

“It will never be over, but this is my fight now, for children,” she said. “I want to strengthen laws to keep predators locked up where they should be, so they don’t have the chance to keep getting out to murder children, to lure parents such as myself.”

Donald Smith were released from a previous prison sentence for sex crimes just 21 days before he kidnaped Cherish.

“The police knew who he was. We as a community did not know who he was,” Perrywinkle said.  ”

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Are you Zapped? – Ann Louise Gittleman

5 years ago Dr. Gittleman did an article and a brief video about the dangers of electro magnetic fields ,  and now 5 years later she shares more information and these are the links ~~
Published on Feb 13, 2012

http://www.areyouzapped.com/articles/442 An eye-opening guide for anyone who’s plugged in. Are we going to give up our cell phones, laptops, and other electronics? Absolutely not. But emerging scientific evidence reveals that the very innovations that have changed our lives are also exposing us to an unprecedented number of electromagnetic fields—and that it’s crucial we make important changes to our home and work environments. Now, Ann Louise Gittleman has created the first step-by-step manual for fortifying your body, detoxifying your home, and protecting yourself and your family from electronic pollution (and her powerful fixes are easier than you might think!). Zapped is an empowering guide to living safely with the gadgets we can’t live without. https://youtu.be/5Ut-MeeFhNE


Published 5 months ago,   on Jul 17, 2017

How to outsmart the effects and hazards of electropollution. Explore the right foods, supplements and shielding devices to survive and thrive in a WIFI world. https://www.nutritionaltherapy.com/ Before the Change book: http://annlouise.com/books/before-the…. Visit our site: http://annlouise.com/ Like us on Facebook Fat Flush Nation: http://www.facebook.com/groups/fatflu… https://www.facebook.com/AnnLouiseGit… Follow us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/11644631141… Connect with us through LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ann-louis… Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ALGittleman Webinar: http://annlouise.com/resources/webinars/ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/a… Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/FatFlush/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/FatFlush/
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Information from 2012 , in Gratitude

As I was scrolling through some posts I have from 2012,  I was delighted to see this and am sharing in deep Gratitude,  NAMASTE’ ~~ Dr. Steven Greer ~~~

Dr. Steven M. Greer – Sirius Documentary Trailer (UFOs = Galactic Federation of Light) – 2013  ~~~
  And as of today,  august 19th, 2017   1,520,934 views on u tube

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~
We the people need to stand together on this…….and share this with every one around the world:) love and peace! Together

Published on Jul 28, 2012

UPDATE NEWS 18TH APRIL 2013 – They planned all the explosions up to the Sirius documentary to divert the public attention to the ground breaking worldwide event on the truth. It’s decoy illuminati diversion of minds of world. U can say every explosion going off around the world the illuminati are angry about the film and are reacting, Sirius Documentary – 2013 Theatrical Trailer (WORLDWIDE PREMIERING 22 APRIL 2013) – MassLandings (www.GalacticFederationofLight.info)

UPDATE NEWS 6th August 2012: Black OP agents targeting Dr Steven Greer close colleagues to deter the movie “Sirius: The Next Bold Step in Disclosure” from being produced !
Dr Steven Greer Tweet 6th August 2012: Sirius filmmaker Arm Kaleka’s father shot at Sikh Temple. He is on scene now. Please pray for his family. Dr. Greer

Who occupies these UFOs that are in our skies and around our planet and surrounded our whole solar system, it’s Galactic Federation of Light and Massive Force of Light the Ashtar Galactic Command, who Illuminati global elites don’t want you to know! They want you to think they are what you watch in Hollywood Blockbuster movies, such as the Evil ones which are portrayed in all of them, but in truth its to divert your minds to the actual real truth, which is they are of the Light not the Dark and are here to take down the Illuminati covertly in real time, to usher in Ascension for Humanity!, Bringing in Disclosure, Mass Landings then actual First Contact. ! Welcome them… Disclosure means Freedom for Humanity from this corrupted enslavement we are in that the Illuminati has placed us in. Everything is happening behind the scenes. Dr Steven M Greer is working with E.T.s who are of the Ashtar Galactic Command and Galactic Federation of Light, he has a special role to play not to represent the name of the organization like Sheldan Nidle does, but to inform and train people to make peaceful contact and put together the Disclosure for Earth! He is protected by powerful beings of light!

Support Sirius the Documentary Movie! It’s what the unawakened people need to understand whats happening, since Illuminati are trying to confuse peoples minds with disinformation and propaganda. They use Hollywood as a shield !

Love & Light

Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the worldwide Disclosure Movement and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is working with Emmy award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka and his team at Neverending Light Productions to produce one of the most significant films of our time.

This film exposes the greatest story never told: The Earth has been visited by people from other worlds who are not malicious, but in fact concerned for the future of humanity. A cabal of military, industrial and financial interests have kept this contact and what we have learned from it secret for over 60 years. Their secrecy is meant to suppress the knowledge that can liberate the world from the yoke of oil, gas, coal and nuclear power and replace the current world order with one of New Energy and true Freedom.

STRUCTURE OF THE FILM I. The first section of the film will share the vast scope of evidence that ET’s exist, from official government documents, high-level witness testimony and audio and visual evidence. Disclosure and CSETI have the largest library of never before seen footage gathered over 20 years of study. II. Next, we interview a group of brilliant scientists who aim to expose long-held secret technologies. They show us how energy can be derived from the fabric of space around us, and how industrial cartels have suppressed this information. What did Nicola Tesla know, and why did the FBI seize his papers upon his death? Man-made anti-gravity vehicles have been in use for over half a century, some even used to perpetuate the ET abduction hoax in order to control the masses. Now is the time for these technologies to be acknowledged and developed for peaceful energy purposes. III. In the final section, we explore CONTACT: the CE-5 principles and how to build a bridge to a trans-dimensional universe. We will also share how the average person can make contact with people from other worlds. They are only a thought away…

To learn more visit:
http://www.GalacticFederationofLight…. (NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON)
http://www.GalacticFederationofLight.com (NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON)
http://www.AshtarGalacticCommand.com (NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON)


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Who IS Mike Ference?

All I knew until I read this from his blog is that he is a very strong advocate for abused people in PA.  From his own lips,  via

The Ference Wheel

In re: Mike Ference of Clairton, Pennsylvania; Clergy abuse activist.

  ”  Friday, March 28, 2014
”  It was 8:00 am, December 5, 1989, when the phone rang and I was instructed

to go to the emergency room of McKeesport Hospital, there had been an acci-
dent on my son’s bus and he was involved.  On the way, I made a conscious
effort to focus on my family and positive thoughts.  This simple decision may
have played a role in the miracle that would take place.I took another route, because I feared the unknown, perhaps an overturned bus
or maybe a bus still on fire because of a wreck with a train or tractor trailer, or
whatever else may have occurred that morning.  When we arrived at the emer-
gency room my wife, eldest son Michael, and I soon realized that we had got-
ten there before the ambulances carrying the injured students. This concerned
me even more, because I now thought of my son trapped in a crumbled bus,
with the jaws of life clawing away to get to the injured students.

Next came a disheveled and highly unprofessional McKeesport detective ap-
proaching us.  He quickly pulled a small caliber gun out of a brown paper bag
and asked if it belonged to our son.  Shocked and dazed, we all replied no.
Just then, someone shouted that the ambulance had arrived.

An EMS attendant quickly wheeled in the first gurney.  I knew to stay out of
the way, especially once I saw a blanket covering almost the entire body.   I
shouted to the attendant, if that’s Adam Ference; let him know his family is
here.  We felt helpless.

Moments later, a second and last gurney was wheeled in.  Adam was elevated
and appeared to be alert.  Finally, we learned tht our son had been shot in the
head.  Certainly it had to be a superficial wound, and perhaps he was grazed.
Wrong again.

I went into see my son, while he was still sitting up, and advised him to try and
relax, and try to rest.  I glanced over at the other boy, peeking through the cur-
tains; seeing the blood-soaked bed sheets absorbing what must have been a
steady stream of blood from the boys head.  If he wasn’t already dead, cer-
tainly he soon would be.

Still not knowing what happened, I made a promise to God that no matter what
took place, if my son was somehow responsible, I would do whatever I could
to make things good, or at least as good as possible.  Never for a moment did
I think that my son was capable of hurting some one.  Rather, maybe my son
tripped someone or pulled some sort of prank that resulted in a gun acciden-
tally discharging?

We decided to have my son sent to Presbyterian University Hospital in Oakland,
now known as University of Pittsburgh Medical Center — or simply UPMC.  It
was obvious that McKeesport Hospital was not equipped to handle this type of
emergency.  They transported my son by helicopter, and by the time we reached
Presby, plans were already in the works to perform emergency neurosurgery.

The medical treatment and accommodations at Presby for my son and our family
were beyond superb.  As we entered the parking area, I explained that my son
had been flown in by helicopter.  The security guard was expecting us.  The guard
offered to park the car and gave us instructions on where to go.

We were ushered into a suite used by families during such emergency procedures.
We were greeted by a team of hospital personnel specifically trained to handle
these types of situations.

We were advised to request a media block with a hospital spokesperson. No infor-
mation would be given, until we reversed the block.  The lead surgeon came to re-
view the operation.  I called a senior official at my job, to find out about the surgi-
cal team.  The CEO of the company was a major contributor to the University of
Pittsburgh, and our company supplied Presby with thousands of dollars worth of
food service supplies and equipment weekly.  I needed to know if the surgeons
were any good.

The phone rang in minutes.  My friend reassured me that the doctors were the
best in their business.   A bullet had penetrated Adam’s skull.   It was hard to say
how much damage was done.  Whatever part of the brain was damaged from the
bullet or bullet fragments would be gone for good.  The bullet had entered the left
side of the brain which would affect the right side.  The doctor was hoping that on-
ly damage would be done to the peripheral vision.  We would have to wait and see.

The operation would take hours.  When the doctor left, a nun who was part of the
support team, offered to lead us in prayer.  I politely interrupted and volunteered
my services instead.  No offense was intended and none was taken.  If anyone
was to lead the prayer, I felt it was my duty as a father to reach inside my heart
and soul and offer up the best sales pitch for God to somehow spare my child
from death, but also to allow him to lead a normal life again.  That too, I believe,
was another important decision made that day.

What seemed like days was only hours.  I started smoking again that afternoon.
My wife didn’t even try to chastise me.  When the operation was over, the doc-
tor was very please with the results.  But, he cautioned that my son was still in
very critical condition.

Time would be telling the story, now.  When we were allowed in the special in-
tensive care unit, we saw Adam with his head bandaged.  We were all relieved
to see and hear each other.  Adam was even cracking jokes.  A bouquet of bal-
loons had been delivered from one of my customers.  The doctor had cautioned
us that Adam may be in the hospital or rehab until February. Miraculously, he was
home a week before Christmas.

By the next day, we new for sure that it was an attempted murder on my son, by
a boy suffering from a whole host of problems.   As the headlines about the shoot-
ing continued to project negative implications about the shooter, our family stayed
focused on Adam’s recovery and the recovery of other patient.

We shared fruit from a gift basket with folks in from Oklahoma.  The family head
was a rancher, he reminded everyone of JR Hewing on the television series Dallas.
He was grateful for the fruit, but mostly because we showed compassion to his
family, while ours was still in disarray.

Our family learned a lot during this tragedy.  Twenty-five years, later, we’re still
learning.  More importantly, it may be a time to let others learn from our experi-
ence.  When I promised God that I would do whatever I could to make good of
the situation, no matter whose fault it was, little did I know that it would virtually
consume my life.  I’ve been told I have a passion for seeking the truth.   Maybe
so … so that truth will be told.  Today, December 25, 2013, is just the beginning.

This latest post on his F.B. Timeline is by ,

Mike McDonnell is with Mike Ference and 17 others.

17 hrs · 

  ”  In Archbishop Chaput’s letter to parishioners, many inconsistencies exist. After a brief poll from friends and family, it has been decided that this letter was preemptive action for fear of some unrest should the Six Diocese Grand Jury Report in Pennsylvania had been released. By now most of you know an individual has objected to the release of the report and it sits at the hand of Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
In the archbishops letter he minimizes morally grave tragedies by calling them “incidents”. He continues on to emphasize that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia nor it’s clergy were investigated. This is text book deflection. Basically he is saying, I stole your wallet awhile back, now let me help you find it.
The Archbishop also states they are committed to helping survivors heal, yet if a survivor has legal counsel they are put on the back burner. Recently I received a letter rejecting my request to see my file, the full investigation. I was told I can only see the responses I personally provided. Just a heads up Archbishop, I know what the fuck I said.
We cooperate with law enforcement he goes on to say, we take immediate action. I’d like to remind the Archbishop that just a few years ago you allowed Fr. John Paul to continue as a pastor of a very active parish while an ongoing and serious investigation took place. Not a single parishioner knew. Even more recently, Fr. Armand Garcia, pastor of St. Martin of Tours in Philadelphia was removed abruptly in March of 2018 by law enforcement. He remains free to come and go as he pleases while hiding out at St. Charles Seminary. What a wonderful example to seminarians.
Incidentally, Fr. Armand Garcia is NOT listed in the database with a status as the archbishop assures the faithful in this letter.
In the last paragraph the Archbishop notes its not just a Catholic problem. Here again he shifts the blame.
Where is the OUTRAGE? Where are all the people who have said to me for years that they are done with the church? Where are the faithful who are so ashamed at what is happening yet go on occasional Sunday to reduce their guilt?
There are many, many practicing, devout Catholics that attend mass daily, say a prayer for justice to be restored within your church. These envelope Catholics, much like my parents, God rest their souls, have invested tens of thousands if not more into their parish. The have ownership into their church, they want to see their children and grandchildren receive the sacraments at that altar.
These types are invested into the daily workings so they can get in the Ez Pass lane at the Pearly Gates. My impression and gut feeling is that they are scared as hell. They want to protect their church but they simply do not know how other than live in denial. Therefore they remain silent! well, now you know how a victim felt for years! Religion is for those who are scared of hell, spirituality is for those that have been there. I know myself and many others that have been there. MMcD  ”
The letter is located on this website,
The letter begins,
“Dear Friends,
”  In a few days,  a Pennsylvania Grand Jury report involving incidents in six Catholic Dioceses over the past seven decades will be made public  . . . .”

And a post from Mile Ference with a photograph  Quote begin,

  ”  I have a feeling the order from the Zappala Crime Family/Terrorist Group will soon go out to whack a member of the church hierarchy.

This is just like John Bazzono Jr. and frank Zappala plotting the massacre of the Volpe Brothers during prohibition.

Zappala’s sister, Rosina was married to the mobster. My guess is that Zappala advised Bazzano to hit the Volpe’s first before Rosina was left a widow.  ”
Link to his FB Timeline,


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The Anti-Alzheimer’s Stress Plan

I am a fan of Dr. OZ and this is today’s episode.  The causes of stress are numerous and I myself have experienced many, many of them.  Just how much can one experience before one totally collapses ?  The stresses “eat away”  our brains to where many develop Dementia and than Alzheimers.  This episode teaches us ways of how to react to stresses,  including “Blue Zones”,
Quote begin,  ”  Blue Zones are regions of the world where people live much longer than average. The term first appeared in the November 2005 National Geographic magazine cover story “The Secrets of a Long Life”[1] by Dan Buettner. ”  End Quote

Following the  Mediterranean Diet ~~

And then an author told us so many things,   An outstanding book.  ”  Don Joseph Goewey talks about the perfect storm of stress that changed his mind and his way of life, and that led to writing this book ”
Includes a short video on the site.   I especially enjoyed when he instructed the audience to hold up their left hand and place their right index finger into the center of the left palm , press gently and breathe~~ you can even close your eyes while you concentrate on your breathe~~

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We are Sisters, in this cyberspace

At about 17 minutes in, she discusses what is happening in Hawaii, and why and what is happening to those who LOVE Hawaii and those who have been and continue to be greedy 😉  ~ 
Published on Jun 13, 2018



I cannot carry you all and have no intention of trying. I have no desire to be your guru. If you have questions, address them to HaShem. I accept Friends who I can understand and who already understand for themselves what I’m saying, each in their own way. I don’t accept students. That’s a one-up/one-down relationship that invites unwholesomeness. I will clarify some point on my FB page

דוד = 14 = אוהב = אהוב = אגוד = אגוד
= בת תורה = 1013 = 14 = את הרה בת
= אנחנו תורה באחרית הימים = 2012 = 14

חוה = 19 = עולם חדש = 1018 = 19
= העתיק הקדוש חי = העתיק הקדוש בהוה
= אנחנו התורה האחרית הימים = 2017 = 19
= אנחנו התורה באחרית הימים
= הנסתר גשמי

סדר עולם = 970 = עץ = עיר הכהנים = יער רעיתי

סדר העולם החדש = 1292 = 292 = טוב ורע
= כסא עם ישראל = רואה טבע

ארץ = 1101 = 102 = אמונה = כל בכל
= נוה אלי = אהלינו


הארץ = 1107 = האמונה = הכל בכל

שמש = 640 = מ”ם = היהודים = פניך
= עיניך = תמר = שלי מכל דור

השמש = 645 = עיני שרה = פני שרה

כסא = 81 = אנכי = טבע = קבוץ כנסת ישראל
= 2079 = 81 = מועצת חכמות

צדק = 194 = חק הטבע = נודל בארץ
= מוליד בארץ = מול דוד בארץ = ידוע בארץ
= הוה עד בארץ

אחרית = 619 = החרות = בת דבורה
= גלגול של דבורה = חסד של דבורה

באחרית = 621 = היום

Recommended Channels




And  wondering if this latest Pele Report is in agreement with Dear Doreen~
Published on Jun 13, 2018

” I am an eternal student of life,
Whether in the light or dark of night,
I open my mind and heart to the new,
No longer afraid I embrace what is true.

Ha ha! You know that feeling when you’re just too tired to fight? You throw up your hands and say, “That’s it, I’m done!” You spit out your truth one last time, put it on the table like a hand of cards. Whether you win or lose, it’s out there. Well, that can be like what these days are like (as you may have noticed in the report, haha!). We are all just are what we are. As hard as we try to keep others happy, when we get exhausted, the show no longer goes on. This is exactly one way that Mars/Uranus/Nodes/Jupiter can work.

This week the planets are all just encouraging us to to be true to ourselves, put ourselves out there for better or for worse and see who our friends really are, lol! The more we’ve been compromising ourselves to avoid ruffling feathers, the more feathers we will ruffle! And we may get our feathers ruffled, too!

May you enjoy a good ruffle or two!

In joy!

To join Kaypacha for a month of astrology (by June 15!) click here: http://www.astrologyhub.com/june
For more astrology and Kyoga with Kaypacha visit: www.NewParadigmAstrology.com
For info on the intro music: www.darryljohnkennedy.com
For info on the closing music: www.ScottHuckabay.com

”  According to legend, Pele lives in the Halemaʻumaʻu crater Kīlauea  ”

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“Heroes In Boots”

Quote begin,  ”  HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!! Let us not forget our fallen, POW/MIA, and thank our “Heroes In Boots”. Here is a video for my brand new song dedicated to all those who serve past and present. God bless you all!!!! ”

#FoldsofHonor #WoundedWarriors #MemorialDay  ”
Via u tube ,  

Published on May 28, 2018

Here is my original song entitled “Heroes In Boots”. This is dedicated to the men and women who serve our nation with faith, honor, and respect. You can follow me at the following media sites.

Contact info:   https://www.facebook.com/pg/jeremyrodgersmusic/about/?ref=page_internal

Call (405) 885-3461
BTW,  Jeremy is my Nephew, the third son of Elizabeth Rodgers { maiden name } who was my husband, William Kenneth Rodgers sister.  Who Jeremy honors in his heart-felt video, along with his Grandfather,  Edward Earl Rodgers and others I do not recogize and for that I am sorry.  I feel this was not easy for Jeremy to write and put together his video and lastly today is his Birthday  In Gratitude,  Aunt Sandy
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From His Soul

via Sanakuvitusta

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April is sexual abuse awareness month.


” April is sexual abuse awareness month.
Time. To. Tell. Our. Stories.

I was abused by a priest beginning at age 5. Impregnated by same priest while still in elementary school. Miscarried. Lost the baby. My innocence and my childhood. Several surgical procedures while still in elementary school and continuing through my first year of high school. Mother kept ‘my secret’???? My secret?????

At 15….a nun enters my life. A nun paid attention to me! A nun. A holy woman. She paid attention to me! She seemed to care. She told my did not love me, but she did. She listened to me. She was 36. She groomed me. I told her about the priest and the miscarriage. She told me, “he was a sick man and it wasn’t his fault” and then she took me under her wing and into her bed. She told me she loved me. She gave me valium, and gifts and time. She fed me alcohol. She drugged me to make me more compliant. She taught me how to please her. She sexually abused me. She broke me.

It was the Stockholm Syndrome. I felt I would have died for her. She isolated me from my friends and family. No one intervened. Her community knew. They did not intervene. She took me into convents up and down the east coast from Florida to Nova Scotia and back to New Jersey. Always through the backdoor and up the back staircase to the second floor…passing others nuns who would literally turn their backs as I entered… and exited the next morning. I was ripe for the picking. The priest had prepped me well.

She gave me to another priest who was a friend of her family. She told me that priest had abused her also.

In my forties I went to the Catholic Church. I spoke. I asked for help. They shut me up. They hired a Canon lawyer who was a nun. She was heartless. It was incest they said not clergy sexual abuse. “We are not responsible”, they said. They told me they would pray for me.

They had many excuses for dismissing me. They made me sign a confidentiality agreement and ‘gave’ me $20,000 for therapy. The therapist, and each session, had to be pre-approved by Mother Superior… not so Superior. It was humiliating. I was begging for help.

I escaped the only way I knew how. Alcohol. Drugs. They left me broken, alone, shamed and blamed…with the inability to have a meaningful relationship with anyone. I went public. My family abandoned me. I lost friends. I lost my faith. PTSD became my constant companion.

I returned to the church again 10 years ago and told them I was not okay. It was hard to ask for help. It was hard to admit I was still broken. I needed therapy. They shamed me again. They blamed me again. They dismissed me again. Then they gave the pedophile nun a huge party celebrating her years of commitment to her religious community and her vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience. They pinned a corsage on her.

April is sexual abuse awareness month. It’s time to tell our stories. It’s time to hand back the shame. It’s time to hand back the blame. I called the church officials two days ago. I called the religious community of the pedophile nun and asked for therapy… nothing more. I called the Diocese of the pedophile priests and asked for therapy…nothing more. They ignored me and dismissed me again.

Today, following the courageous example of a Survivor .. I called the billboard company.

This is my story. ”
In Gratitude  ~  ….
My response to her testimony,   ”  Thank you so much, for sharing your story. My husband was molested by his priest in the 50’s~~ and it did him so very much harm~ I did not know, he was bi-sexual, until a few years after his death at age 50, I think he had a broken heart 😦  ~~ I belong to several groups in my process of healing. With your permission, I wish to copy and paste your story and share it with many, in Gratitude  ~ ❤  “

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