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Just how much money is owed to the First Nation Peoples, for their Stolen Land?

So much interference in what the ancient cultures KNOW is FALSE, FAKE information.  This is from 2013 and still has NOT been resolved and I attempt to understand what IS behind the conflicts of the PEOPLE !   So, I … Continue reading

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Kirjoitusprojekti – Writing project

This writing project of Jouni Sakari was to begin on June 1st,  my apologies for being late.  Sandra Irene  First, in Finnish and then in English~~ “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of … Continue reading

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What you need to know to differentiate between the hoaxed versus actual ET presence-

Introduction , in Gratitude  NAMASTE’ ~~ ”  If This Is It – acoustic version on Rove TV Australia  ”  Newton Faulkner and as we go through things,   there will be some confusion and there has ALREADY been much interference ! … Continue reading

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We Have The Power

Uploaded on May 26, 2017 I missed the Unity Day of Hunger,  please see the video to have some understanding   Titled,  ”  We Have The Power  ” People have more power than we realise to transform and change even global … Continue reading

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2012 and Forward in Gratitude

Over the past five years,  I have shared many things via the social media, and then when, my Brother, Jouni Sakari, entered into my life, also, about 5 years ago, the real changes began to occur.  He is the one … Continue reading

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Die Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit für Kaffeemaschinen

Source: Die Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit für Kaffeemaschinen

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No More Mining of Uranium

On May 10th the Clean Water Alliance in South Dakota emailed this super news: ”  Rapid City Hearing Results — and On to Hot Springs on Wednesday! ” Greetings, The EPA’s public comment hearings in Rapid City are over.  Of … Continue reading

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