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Neil Young + Promise of the Real – Children of Destiny (Official Music Video)
Recorded on a Full Moon 😉

Published on Jun 30, 2017

Official Music Video for Neil Young + Promise of the Real “Children of Destiny.” Get the song now at http://www.NeilYoung.com

“Children of Destiny” was recorded and mixed at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA, and produced by The Volume Dealers: Neil Young and Niko Bolas. Young, along with Promise Of The Real, and a 56 piece orchestra – 62 musicians in all – played together on the final piece. Al Schmitt recorded and mixed, while strings were arranged, orchestrated, conducted and co-produced by Chris Walden. ”

With so many things on my Heart this morning I woke up thinking about Roseanne Barr and Donald Trump , when years ago, she had a problem with her heart and Donald went to see her in the hospital~ because I wanted to quote what she said to him as he stood in the doorway~~ it was something about if you came to finish me off, that is NOT happening ! I have not found it yet, but I did not even know she ran for President as a candidate against Jill Stein , Green Party~~ there is even a film !  😉
Published on Jun 16, 2016
”  Roseanne for President – Official Trailer I HD I Sundance Selects ”
Opening in theaters and VOD July 1st
Directed by: Eric Weinrib
Starring: Roseanne Barr, Michael Moore, & Rosie O’Donnell

Follow comedy legend Roseanne Barr as she embarks on a wild, hilarious, and impassioned campaign for the highest office in the land. It’s 2012 and Barr, fed up with corporate influence in politics, takes matters into her own hands when she launches a third party presidential bid founded on grassroots activism. Hitting the campaign trail, the sarcastic, opinionated, and outspoken Barr makes for a candidate unlike any other as she brings her message to the people. Featuring appearances from Michael Moore, Sandra Bernhard, Rosie O’Donnell, and others close to Barr, Roseanne for President! is both a rousing David vs. Goliath tale and a revealing portrait of a cultural icon.

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Roseanne Barr: I Was the First Person to Tell Trump to Run for President

The 2012 Green Party presidential candidate and subject of the doc Roseanne for President! dishes to Jen Yamato about Trump, Hillary, and our corrupt two-party system.

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Puyallup Tribes Treaty Right to Fish Threatened by Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Plant

Source: Puyallup Tribes Treaty Right to Fish Threatened by Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Plant

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My Spiritual Quest/Journey

My connection to the First Americans of South Dakota, comes through Sunka Kangi one of the leaders of the Ghost Dance movement :A song,  Published on Dec 30, 2012  Robbie Robertson Ghost Dance live in Agrigento!

Concerto della Concordia live in Agrigento Febbraio 94, con Rita e Priscilla Coolidge,Laura Satterfield e Red Road Ensemble.
I feel it truly began after my Husband Bill’s death in 1991. He was only 50 and I , 49. For the first time, in my life I was on my own.  We married young  and so I moved from my parent’s home to sharing a home with my Husband.  My children and other family members had been and continue to be extremely supportive of me.  I am now 75 and I am so very grateful.  My Mother and her family members denied we had ANY Native or First American DNA and yet, my Spirit/Soul has ALWAYS felt a connection.  They settled in the San Fernando Valley, Ca.  Her maiden name was , Robinson.  My Father was of German descent , born in Chicago, Ill. with ancestors immigrating from East Germany. His last name was Seide.

I started my Quest by following my Heart and began traveling to Pow-Wows, Florida, Georgia and California, with my Sister.   And then,  one day, while at my Sister’s,  in Southern California, we went to the Ocean and  in my frustration, I began pacing in a circle { Friendship/Circle dance style}which is like  ,  I began screaming at my Creator/God, that is It even knew I existed or It even cared, to give me a sign.  And that is when I met  Sunka Kangi~Crow Dog ~~ He appeared in a cloud formation, along with a Road runner.  He was so clearly formed,  that later, I easily recognized him in a picture postcard.  I must add that I believe Crow Dog has appeared to hundreds of thousands of people, for a period of time, stores who sold Native American items, had Road Runner Earrings, rings,necklaces and the like, O’Han.  My sister saw him, as well, which is unusual,  as the Spirits do not usually remain visible for another to see.  And because, my Sister, has a sense of humor, she told me, and I believed her, that saw him as the Pillsbury Dough Boy with a skinny rubber Chicken.      Later,  I met an artist at a Native American Fair at Balboa Park, in San Diego, in front of the Museum of Man  ~  I recognized Crow Dog in his drawing~ which I purchased from him. I asked the artist who he was and the artist said, well,  who do YOU think he is ?  I explained that I called him two feathers & how I knew him.   Later,  I came across this postcard with his photograph and an explanation of who he was.  He had died in the early 1900s .  The person I bought the postcard from when I asked him about the photo~ said, I know, but you will learn when you are ready.  He said do not spend a lot of money on books, etc, it will not help you.  Oh course, I bought a book,  “The Sacred ”
Most of what I know about Crow Dog is from “Crow Dog – Four generations of Sioux Medicine Men” by Leonard Crow Dog & Richard Erdoes, Harper&Collins, 1995, a book I highly recommend:   which Leonard Crow Dog,  autographed for me, when I met him and his lady and a few others, just before returning to Florida.  I did not expect people to guide me to meet him,  after I made my decision to return to Florida, after my three years in South Dakota.   He accepted two gifts, one was the original artist drawing I had purchased after Sunka Kangi~ Crow Dog appeared in the clouds

This quote is via wikipedia article,  ”  “White officials … dismissed the killing as the culmination of a quarrel over a woman, but Spotted Tail’s friends said that it was the result of a plot to break the power of the chiefs.. ”
But, in his book “Crow Dog – Four generations of Sioux Medicine Men”  Leonard Crow Dog explains Sunka Kangi,  did kill Spotted Tail, because of the affair his wife had with Spotted Tail

And then, back in Florida,  there was a connection made with a woman at the Native American Fair, held at Metropolitan Park, in Jacksonville, Fl and so . . . . we ended up becoming friends and that is another whole story, where she led me to Dr Rick Knight.  Dr. Knight’s son and my son were close friends throughout High School, a long with two other “Geeks” and it took Dr. Rick and I a very long time to understand that when his son, Kevin spoke of Paul and vice-versa it was our sons.  Rick and John did the pow-wow circuit and had met Leonard Peltier’s daughter, and even gifted her some gas money.  Rick also told me that the Lakota had been meeting annually since , 1996, the first gathering near the Yankton Reservation with others  Karleen and I met Ed MaGaa , an author at the Crazy horse Monument

I watched this documentary ” Published on Oct 7, 2015

” In this film, Native American Tribal Leaders speak out for the first time about their secret knowledge of The Star People, knowledge that has been passed down for thousands of years. It was revealed in a dream among Tribal Elders that now was the time for the Tribes to break their silence and share their hidden knowledge of The Star People: the visitors from other worlds. In this film you will meet people with first-hand experience with ETs, and hear amazing stories of the unknown, and witness for yourself, a mysterious event which occurred in the skies: for some, a visible sign from the Star People that we are not alone. ”
Ed McGaa is one of the Tribal Elders that speaks up.
ET ORIGINS – SECRETS OF THE STAR PEOPLE – The Movie – Tribal Elders Speak Out – 2016 Best ET Movie

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Just how much money is owed to the First Nation Peoples, for their Stolen Land?

So much interference in what the ancient cultures KNOW is FALSE, FAKE information.  This is from 2013 and still has NOT been resolved and I attempt to understand what IS behind the conflicts of the PEOPLE !   So, I will begin with a comment of a man I have met, spent some time with and respect.
Payu Vane More news:
All of the people we talked to on Pine Ridge were open and welcoming. They, too, are concerned by this incredible negative barrage of press, but they’re still open and welcoming.
For those of you telling others to Boycott–Barry and others: Have you talked directly with any Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Cheyenne, or Arapaho or are you advocating for them because of the internet? We on the land are in constant dialogue with the First Nations people here. We have tocalas here to make sure we’re not doing anything in a bad way (cultural appropriation, etc.), have been asked to stay by many, and are meeting respectfully with war chiefs (that just happened today). How many verifiable First Nations people have you boycotters actually talked to? Do you realize how much Duiane Martin (Chanupa) and his followers are actively lying about what’s going on? That (according to a friend of mine–I haven’t had time to peruse FB) many new FB accounts (those with few friends) have suddenly turned up on Rainbow pages claiming to be first nations? Are you aware that there’s a CONCERTED campaign to malign the gathering that you’re now full-heartedly participating in? If you really cared, wouldn’t you come and listen to what’s being said by the people themselves?
I say again to all strong-hearted, respectful family–this gathering is happening. It’s wanted–not by paper indians (who actually said “No!” to us), but by traditionals and many others. There are many concerns, but we’re working through them with full hearts.
That being said, here’s rumor control:
1. Regardless of fake videos, COPS WERE NEVER CALLED ON CHANUPA (Duane Martin)
2. “Fuck the treaty council” was not said by anyone
3. No one is blocking any gate and no one has seen any “activists” that are supposed to be shutting us down. (Though thanks to this rumor we have a ton of LEO’s sitting at both gates trying to “protect” us. That’s actually the worst thing I’ve seen at the site.)
4. There is a rumor going around that “paper indians have told us we could stay. This is false. The council members who the scouts met with last Monday were tribal council members (i.e. “paper indians”) and they told us we could NOT stay.
Still to this day no traditional leader has said we should not be here. Many have said it’s not a problem. Some have said it’s a good thing. That’s how it stands.
All is peaceful on the land.
If you were thinking of coming and have a desire to create alliances with our native brothers and sisters, then come home! Some of these traditional tocala (warrior society) brothers are putting themselves on the line for us to be here. I, for one, stand behind them until we have word from a traditional elder, the treaty council, etc. that we should leave. (At that point the tocalas will leave too).  “

Sandra Irene Seide Rodgers ” 6 – Be on the look out for infiltraitors and provocateurs, they will come from many different agencies and organizations, infact they will already be among us from the first meetings. Infiltraitors will try to cause division amongst the group, provocateurs will try to lead the group into activities which will give the police power to remove the camp and start arresting people. Don’t be afraid of these guys they are also the 99%. These guys write a report which goes right up the command chain so make sure they are reporting something positive. This all works to change the conversation all the way up the command tree. In Trafalgar square we had the police remove a guy who we knew was a provocateur and was causing trouble lol. Some of the infiltraitors will have hidden cameras, use that, speak to them about why you are there, speak from the heart. Somewhere, big wigs in the police and government may later watch that video. Its all about winning hearts and minds, one at a time. ”
Best Way to Occupy from source
How to make a successful Occupation.

Hello all. Here are some helpful suggestions on how to make a successful occupation.


First a little about where I get these suggestions from.  I was part of a group who after the 26th March 1 million protest in London occupied Hyde Park for 4 days and after eviction occupied Trafalgar Square every Saturday/Sunday for 2…

Continue Reading



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Kirjoitusprojekti – Writing project

This writing project of Jouni Sakari was to begin on June 1st,  my apologies for being late.  Sandra Irene  First, in Finnish and then in English~~
“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were: any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”―John Donne, No man is an island – A selection from the prose

Source: Kirjoitusprojekti – Writing project

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What you need to know to differentiate between the hoaxed versus actual ET presence-

Introduction , in Gratitude  NAMASTE’ ~~
”  If This Is It – acoustic version on Rove TV Australia  ”  Newton Faulkner

and as we go through things,   there will be some confusion and there has ALREADY been much interference ! ! !


This information had not come out at the time I wrote this blog,  it is not what ANYONE wanted to see, but it is TRUE !
Quote begin,  ”   From NOBEL PEACE PRIZE NOMINEE ROBERT DAVID STEELE;Quote begin, ” One underlying factor that makes the existence of these Pedophile Syndicates difficult for people to acknowledge and accept as real is the reason for their existence? Blackmail & Satanic rituals are indeed two of the reasons, but the main purpose for the torture, rape and sacrifice of the children who are victims in these syndicates is for their blood. This video explains why…
Despite many credible people coming forward to blow the whistle on this horror that plagues humanity many people still wish to ignore the facts being reported and the overwhelming evidence to these atrocities being committed. The innocent children continue to literally be slaughtered.”  End Quote
  “Robert David Steele On PIZZAGATE 5-11-17 #PIZZAGATE

Published on Jun 10, 2017

Robert David Steele admitting pizzagate is real during a interview with Sarah Westall.
Check out the full video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXaM…


I consider these people to be truthful people and I trust them. In Gratitude ~ No more keeping this information from you ~

This was what I titled this blog , ”  What are programmed life~forms and much, much more ~~ Get ready  ”  , and it was because of this video which was originally from August, 2009,  

Uploaded on Sep 4, 2009

Streamed live on May 29, 2017

Dr. Steven Greer disclosure project – They Will Stage an Alien Attack on Earth

Recorded Aug 2009

At  about 45 minutes   into the Dr. Steven Greer video,  he says, something like Heaven forbid we have PEACE,  before we can push the FALSE FLAG button for the Interstellar Warfare,  ” an alien attack on the earth  ” ,


and so,
With a new title ,  I offer this 3 hour update  The Cosmic False Flag   uploaded via Sirius Disclosure

Published on Dec 15, 2016

DVD and book available at http://www.sirius-disclosure.myshopify.com
iTunes: http://radi.al/Unacknowledged
Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/Unacknowledged
Amazon: http://bit.ly/UnacknowledgedBook
SHARE ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SiriusTheMovie/


In the most shocking and important seminar you will ever hear on the UFO/ ET subject, Dr. Steven Greer will present the history, methods and plans for a staged, covert Cosmic 911.

What you learn will disturb you. It will enlighten you. But be prepared- this information will be shocking and true.

Knowledge is power: This means by knowing of these nefarious plans, we can avert them!

This is the event you absolutely do not want to miss!

You will learn:

How the false alien threat has already been hoaxed- and how this has been accomplished. Names will be named: You will learn how the deep national security state and covert military operations have staged false Alien Abductions, Mutilations- and what technologies have been used.

What technologies have been developed since the 1940s that enable para-military Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) to affect consciousness, stage false Alien events and plant the seeds of fear to justify a scripted Armageddon !

How man-made UFOs, hollywood-style staging and very advanced electronic warfare systems enable USAPs to stage abductions, mutilations and other false-flag events – and how these have conditioned and prepared the world through the fear of Aliens for the coming hoax of an official Alien Threat.

New Official Air Force whistle-blower testimony confirms the false flag plan and the intent to achieve it!

The emergence by 1956 of advanced electronic warfare technologies that affect consciousness- and how these pscho-tronics can give the target (victim) ANY experience that is scripted.

What you need to know to differentiate between the hoaxed versus actual ET presence- and how we can go forward to create a civilization on Earth founded on the principles of Universal Peace.


Next ,  I believe this man and I feel he is very brave to speak up about what he got himself into, what allowed him to do it and then he reached a breaking point when he was told to use and abuse the children~~  his body broke down and he NEARLY Died.  More and more people are speaking up and , I for ONE am truly grateful  In Gratitude from my Heart to Your Heart.
Several people have uploaded it and also downloaded it to their computers.
I will post this one first with the voice-over and then the original video in dutch.

Published on Apr 25, 2017

English voice over version: Vocals applied because subtitles were small and difficult to read on small screens. *LARGE SUBTITLE* video by @apocalypse found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xptyW…

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO that needs to be seen and shared by EVERYONE. It will help clarify the deep and systemic control that undermines the liberty and freedom of choice in free societies.

Ronald Bernard, Dutch banker and whistle blower, covers topics essential to understanding the globalist, ruling class, world financial structure, dark belief systems, use of child sacrifice (starting at 22:05 ) and methods used to maintain this predatory culture of the top 8000 people in power over the world.

If you really want to understand the authentic emotion by this testimony, I suggest you work through the original video with the small subtitles (linked below) so you can hear his voice and focus on the nuances of the pain expressed in Ronald’s facial expressions.

Thanks to Ronald and Irma for this information reaching the public and the world.

Original Source by Irma Schiffers: https://cooperatiedevrijemedia.nl/rea…

DVM TV channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOvb…

Original video upload with English subtitles only: https://vimeo.com/212237317

Also thank you to Leonie Forsman for the English subtitle translation used for this English voice reading.

This video is NOT monetized by noskerdycatUSA channel. Copyright belongs to the original creators and content makers and this channel supports their right to claim all proceeds from YouTube monetization.

The publishing of this information by NoskerdycatUSA channel that includes the added English voice over is an attempt to further the reach of the original creator’s message.


This is the one my Dutch friend sent to me,  in her language with English sub-titles

Real Big Money: Revelations by an insider

PLEASE WATCH IN FULL SCREEN MODE (for clearer subtitles). Finance Insider reveals a reality that is as shocking as can be (if no great surprise to increasing numbers of the waking public). This is the MOST convincing testimony I have ever come across.  “

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We Have The Power

Uploaded on May 26, 2017
I missed the Unity Day of Hunger,  please see the video to have some understanding   Titled,  ”  We Have The Power  ”

People have more power than we realise to transform and change even global challenges like World Hunger. Learn more at http://wehavethepowerto.com/

Here are the inspiring stories of Alan from Malawi and Rubina from Bangladesh who are doing exactly that.

An UPLIFT film made in association with The Hunger Project  ,

My Daily OM Horoscope explained why I “was”  feeling kinda low and so I decided to drive to the Beach.  Once there,  I felt a strong urge to go to the house Bill and I purchased in 1976.  Today is Memorial Day to honor Military Service members,  a day created by a group of Black Service members a very long time ago.  I decided that I would simply park in front and meditate.  But, then decided , I would let the homeowner know why I came.  A young woman had the hood of her dually pick-up truck open and so,  I approached her.  introduced myself, I explained to her what I was doing there,  and in Gratitude to the Universe,  she and I chatted for an hour or more.

   She is one of the daughters of the owner,  who bought the house from me around 1993.  Her Mother’s husband had died and her Mother wants to stay right where she is   She just turned 70 and just had back surgery.  The house needs a lot of work and so, her children are pitching in to get it back into shape.  I gave her my cell phone number, should her Mother wish to visit with me.  I talked to her a lot about my life since I sold them the house and she talked a lot about their lives since they moved into the house and she also updated me on the neighbors;  that I knew~ most of them are no longer there, several have moved up to better places,  some have died.

   It was just what I needed to honor, not only, Bill,  but our children and, strangely, myself  Please enjoy this and every day.  ❤ ~ ❤

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